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Osmica Pri Krčarju (27-4-2018 / 6-5-2018)

Authenticity of the Karst, genuine food and wine, fun and friendly people! All this at the osmica ‘Pri Krčarju’, Sela na Krasu, open from 27th April to 6th May.

Dried-up Karst delicacies (prosciutto, salami, bacon, …)
Young cheese in olive oil
Main plate: cabbage, turnips, potatoes, prunes, sausages and tusks
Cooked štruklji
Homemade bread
Homemade wine – teran and white mixed wine
Teran liqueur and homemade herbal spirits



Suzana in Peter Sodnik
t 05 30 80 442
m 040 723 363/353

Pri Krčarju
Sela na Krasu 3
5296 Kostanjevica na Krasu